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At Home Hawaii is family owned and community focused with a team of helpful agents ready to help you buy,  sell or rent your home. Our agents are based  on Oahu and the Big Island. We can advise you on school districts, commute times, animal quarantine rules and much more. 

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This website has search features our clients love! You have the ability to set up a search to see new listings as they come on the market- this gives buyers a tremendous edge. You can alert your agent by saving "favorite" listings and we can send you additional information and set up showing appointments. We have great contacts for mortgage lenders, home inspectors, surveyors, termite inspectors, escrow companies and much more. Check out the "Resources" tab. We will guide you through preparing an offer and take you step-by-step through the escrow process.

 Questions about Hawaii? 

We know that buying the right home involves a lot of questions about the process. Send an email, text or call us and we'll be happy to provide information you need in order to move. Ask us about moving a dog or cat to Hawaii if you plan to bring a pet with you. Not buying? We may have a home for rent - see our inventory at


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Rainwater Catchment Systems

Many homes in rural Hawaii do not have access to county water or sewer.  These households are responsible for providing their own water and sewer.  Porous volcanic rock doesn't lend itself to digging wells so most people use rain catchment water.  Simply speaking, the water that comes off the roof is captured and stored.  It is treated before being used.  Displayed above is a picture of our roughly 10,000 gallon water catchment tank.   Based on our annual rainfall of over 150" of rain and roof size, our catchment system is capable of harvesting over 200,000 gallons of free water a year.  The tank has a liner approved by the FDA for storing food and water.  The FDA has not approv…
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Dayna Robertson

Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dayna Robertson is your connection to a trusted, local friend with experience buying and selling properties in a wonderfully unique area like no other.  With active volcanoes and lava flows, prospective buyers need a professional guide to find their perfect home or investment.  As a seller you will appreciate innovative strategies to sell your home.  Contact Dayna today to get the most out of your buying or selling experience:

  • Insights into neighborhoods, associations, utilities, and other information not accessible online
  • Aerial photography
  • A neighbor who will be with you every step of the way
  • Social Media marketing
  • A professional who is dedicated to your success
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